Our experience allows us to serve you the best diamonds at the most reasonable price, depending on your needs.

  •  Our independent position allows us to buy where we want. In this way, we buy at the most reasonable price.

  • Diamonds ordered by email can be served in 24 to 48 hours.

  • Buying directly with us in the Antwerp market you will save money.

  • We supply diamonds, calibrated in millimeter or spot weights without raising the price.

  • We never say NO to a client. You work DIRECTLY and WITHOUT intermediaries in the most important diamond market, where the best diamonds are located.

  • Being The First Carat a shareholder and a member of the diamond exchange, we are your best guarantee.

  • Direct dealings with our final customers through our new Investment Diamonds department, where all our customers apart from having the security of buying at the source, have all kinds of diamonds through our Diamond boxes at direct prices of the Bourse, saving the whole chain of intermediation and in turn saving an important amount of money.