Julio Martínez-Fortún

CEO The First Carat

  • Expert in diamond classification.

  • HRD Formed since 1996.

  • Member of Antwerp Diamond Bourse.

  • International Diamond Broker.

Julio Martínez-Fortún, one of the founders of the Company. The First Carat was founded more than 20 years ago and started the diamond business with the cut, then started the import business. Thanks mainly to Julio, The First Carat today is known worldwide for its excellent prices and outstanding customer service.

Our diamond buyers are all over the world, so we offer our clients a specialized treatment with the maximum attention and commitment, which has given us the confidence of the public on the Internet.

In addition, The First Carat has a highly trained and experienced staff that is ready to help our customers on a personal level by phone and email.

We offer guidance to our customers on how to buy a diamond, to have the knowledge and confidence to select the right diamond. The First Carat offers a selection of loose or loose diamonds in different shapes, sizes, colors and prices.

All our Diamonds are certified by reputable GIA laboratories | Gemological Institute of America, which are well known throughout the world.

Other certification laboratories:

  • (EGL) European Gemological Laboratories
  • (IGI) International Institute of Gemology
  • (AGS) American Gem Society