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Benefits of investing in diamonds

Diamonds are especially suitable as personal property because of the main advantages they offer:

  • Protection against inflation, market crashes, currency modifications.

  • Anonymity (no registration is necessary).

  • They are not affected by bankruptcies.

  • Convertibility worldwide, that is, diamonds represent, together with gold, the only internationally accepted alternative currency with the same value worldwide.

  • Value gains without taxes (= tax-free surplus value).

  • They almost do not involve maintenance costs.

  • High prestige.

  • Price independence: prices are independent of government laws and, therefore, diamonds retain their value better, even in periods of recession.

  • Price strength: Historically, diamonds have recovered well from falling prices and economic crises.

  • Do not forget that diamonds have an important sentimental value that can pass from generation to generation.

  • Theoretically, if a (global) war were to occur, any currency would be devalued, real estate could lose its value, new technologies could replace resources, competition could ruin businesses, but no factor would systematically weaken the long-term value of the diamonds.

  • Today, most diamond mines are uncovered and, therefore, with the passage of time, diamonds will become more and more exceptional pieces, just like any other natural resource.

  • This fact demonstrates the key effect of the long-term value increase of diamonds.

  • Diamonds are, along with quality works of art, one of the few values that combine practical use and investment: you can wear a diamond mounted on a jewel and, at the same time, enjoy your investment more safely.

  • Strong supply and demand: the expected increase in the imbalance between supply and demand supports prices and implies a high probability of an acceleration of prices.

  • Finally, while other luxury goods, such as cars, furniture, leather, etc., lose value over time, diamonds retain their value, precisely because of their durable and unbreakable nature.


  • They are usually considered a safe investment and also provide a sense of beauty, luxury, belonging, passion and love.

  • No other economic investment will offer you that much!

  • If you want to obtain speculative or very high returns you should not invest in diamonds.

  • If you want a very safe investment, that maintains and reinforces its underlying value, and that you can convert at any time, diamonds are the best option.