After all our experience in the world of diamond, we differentiate ourselves from the rest of the competitors in the sense of the diamond cut we sell. It’ extremely important to know that a well-cut diamond, compared with another badly cut, can have a price difference of 40 to 50%, in addition to the brightness of the stone and the contrast of the light where there is also a difference between a well-cut diamond and a bad cut one.

Being totally independent, we choose and decide which diamonds we sell. Due to this, we ensure our diamonds have all the characteristics that allow our final customers to get practically perfect cut diamonds, where those shine with all their strength and brilliance – unique properties of exceptional diamonds. In the end, what we do is creating VALUE.

We have created 2 cut options, each one with its particularities.

The two basic cuts our company works with, are the following:

Antwerp Selection Diamonds

Belgian Selection Diamonds

Both sizes go from 0,01 – 0,20 ct.